Pesudofolliculitis Barbae. How to Get Rid of It.

A painful and sometimes unattractive condition that some men have and would like to get rid of are razor bumps or Pesudofolliculitis Barbae. Razor bumps happen when the hair follicle does not make it through the pore. The hair curls up underneath the skin and causes the redness and irritation. The curlier the hair the more likely you are to get razor bumps. Another side effect of razor bumps are the unsightly pimples. Handling the pimples from the razor bumps the wrong way can result in scarring that can lost a long time. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of the unwanted bumps. Some can be found in your home now.

Shave Less To Get Rid of Razor Bumps

What man wants to not shave? Well as simple as it is this can be your best ticket to not having shaving bumps anymore. ┬áTreat your bead as it grows like your scalp and keep it nice and oiled and happy. The hair will come through the pores as they should and allow your face time to heal as there will be less razor bumps. But when you do shave it might be best to not shave to the skin. Leave a small bit of hair above the skin so the follicle doesn’t have a chance to grow under the skin. You might be kind of rough but at least you want have shaving bumps. When learning how to get rid of razor bumps you should keep an open mind to what might have caused the issue in the firs place. How is your diet?

Change Your Diet To Avoid Clogged Pores

Did you know that the things you eat can clog your pores? I found this out the hard way myself. I used to drink bottles of pop like there was no tomorrow and wondered my my face broke out badly later. It was mainly because of the high fructose corn syrup. HFC is a man made chemical that the body doesn’t produce naturally. Therefore the body can break it down like it can a naturally occurring chemical like sugar. It took me 10 years to figure out what the issue was. My skin has never looked better.

Natural Plants and Stuff

Did you know that there are naturally soothing plants out there that cure most ailments? Yes it’s true, the earth provides an abundant source of these treatments free of cost to you. the plant that I am referring to is the all powerful aloe plant. Cut a leaf off of the=is plant and squeeze its juice on your face. Your skins redness will start to die down after a few treatments. You can also buy products with aloe vera in them but its best to avoid them as they add so many other things that are not good for your skin but it is good for their bottom line.